Your Bike, Your Way.

We aim to offer you a different experience from any other bicycle you have ever purchased. You can order one of our pre-built kits, or spec out you own bike, right down to the color of the grips and the rise of the bar. ANYTHING you don't see in our build kits, just email, and we will custom build it for you. There's no limit to your level of customization.


We hand-build every order at our Camarillo, CA location to assure the highest quality build in our bikes. We source EVERY part we can that's made in the USA, such as our brand partner Cane Creek!


We offer the entire lineup from Prismatic Powders to allow you to  customize your ride exactly to your specifications, with 6500 color options from mild to wild.


We design our bikes to survive real life: crashing happens, which lead us to engineer the Oracle with "no contact" steering: If you crash, your forks won't hit your frame, neither will your bars. No gimmicky steering stops needed. 


Your ride is made to exactly your specifications, from the color of the stickers to the rise of the bar. You can spec every component and option on your bike from the start, never have to upgrade!


Through direct contact to our team, your build is hand-managed and personally curated to give you the most control over making your dream bike a reality.

Mild to wild colors choices!

We use Prismatic Powders exclusively, the  best in the world of powdercoat. This is Illusion Pearl, just one of the 6500 colors we offer, as mild or wild as you can imagine!

Six Thousand Five Hundred Colors

This link will take you to Prismatic Powders, where you can pick from one of 6500 colors. Simply enter the color code for whatever you choose in the order form!

If you have any questions about colors or how to pick yours, or for suggestions, just email us!

How it Works


Every Bike is hand assembled in our Camarillo, CA facility. 

We offer more than 6500 colors, and once you pick one, you can either pick one of our builds or have a custom bike made for you, at almost any spec. 

With your order placed,  you will receive a confirmation email from us, where we will confirm your sticker and frame colors with you, and set things in motion. 

It takes us about 3 weeks to get your bike hand-built and delivered. Then you are ready to hit the trails and tear it up.

Your bike, your way.

Our Philisophy

1. Make the most fun, playful cutting edge bikes we can.

We talked long and hard about what we wanted to do. We knew that the industry was broken, and how fractured and confused the buying public had become. 

We don't believe this is found in the latest "whizz bang" linkage or some convoluted revolution, but rather with refinement and value, bringing in technologies from other industries to  make our bikes the best they can be.

2. Bring the consumer the best value.

Sell consumer direct, and redefine the idea of customer service. Going beyond lifetime warranty on our frames, and offering things we can do by managing supply chain, and operating closely with our vendors to allow us to bring you a fully custom bike at a price anyone can afford.  

3. Help make our clients WANT to ride.

The main focus for us going in is to build a series of bikes that make you feel free like never before. We aim to make the kind of bike that makes you feel like a 12 year-old kid hitting jumps and bunny-hopping curbs. That's our goal: to give you the opportunity to ride like a kid again - but with a dropper post, powerful disc brakes and 140mm of front travel!   

Get our Emails! You know you want to . . .


We want you to be 100% satisfied, with designing your bike, riding it, and everything along the way. Call the CEO directly for help, ideas, and specifications.

William Kenefick - 805-479-9669