To Design and buy yours

One of the things we really wanted to do when we set out to do this thing was to offer each and every person the ability to build a dream bike. 

We can build you anything you want, with any combination you can dream up. 

Pick one of our build kits, or spec your own. 

Then simply send it in. You can talk one on one with us. From our Test rider to our CMO to our CEO. Phone? Sure! Email, OK. Your bike, your way...

Call us, Email, text, smoke signals. We are here to help You build what you always wanted to have, without going broke to do it. 

If you dont like is, send it back. its that simple. We are THAT confident in our Hard-Trail. 

You cant break it. If you do, don't worry, we offer a lifetime warranty on the frame against defects in material and workmanship

Most importantly , if you have a question, just ask us. There really isn't anything we won't do to make sure you have the BEST buying experience you have ever had with any bicycle

Why did we start this crazy thing?

On Backbone Trail in Malibu

From Will - On a ride, like most great stories in this industry. We were on a ride and facing a huge climb, One of those short, nearly vertical walls that if you make it up, your lungs are on fire and your legs are just yelling at you. Mike and I sat there, trying to find the courage to tackle this silty baby-head studded test of our masculinity, when Mike looked up from his sweat dripping  visor, and said, "Hey ive got an idea"

Up that climb and the rest of the way back to the lot, some of the groundwork was laid out that resulted in the Oracle. Dozens of long meetings, hundreds of hours of design and engineering, hundreds of changes and rejects, and slowly the Oracle took shape.  

We aren't in this just to build  great bikes at a great value, and to finally make the online model actually work for bicycles.

Its all about relationships... 

Relationships based on trust and respect are what will allow us to do to build this, and that is what we are  establishing from the get go. Our short term plan sees us operating as lean as possible, and we have established a JIT fulfillment from our Vendor / Partners to make this happen.  

As our sales grow, our inventory will grow, however the old model of stocking 1000's of parts for the years builds and then stocking 1000 bikes hoping they will sell died when the internet became a marketplace, and the bicycle industry never caught on, hence the disaster that DTC is in this marketspace. 

We wanted the challenge. We chase it, the thrill of overcoming the impassable obstacle, the excitement in engineering a solution to a before unimaginable idea. Three different wheel sizes on one bike? Create a whole new way to sell the bikes online? Negotiate with the best vendors to be able to offer the value? Build the bikes in America, Even if the components are made overseas? We have attempted to answer all these questions, with our Oracle.